Looking for Apartment: Makati/Mandaluyong Area (1BR/Studio Type with T/B)

I'm looking for an apartment for rent around Makati or Mandaluyong with easy access to Makati Ave, Ayala, and Edsa. If it's Makati area, preferably near JP Rizal, Kalayaan, Makati Ave, Buendia, and/or Ayala. If it's near Mandaluyong, preferably near Hulo, Barangka, Boni, Edsa.

Doesn't need to be big. As long as there's room for 1 bed and as long as there is toilet and bath. Budget range is from 4K-6K, might take upto 7K. At least decent enough to live in. Away from flood zone. With or without utilities is fine. Don't want any contract or preferably less than 3 months contract if any.

My work place is at N. Garcia Makati near Jupiter St. so preferably near that place.

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  1. Try looking in ShaworBoni just near the jeep terminal. There are apartments within your budget range.