Message to a Friend

Dear Jan Lee (Johnlie Daquioag),

We've known each other for not a very long time, but it has been long enough for you to share your life with me and for the rest of the lives you've touched with your goodness. You've been a really good example to everyone in the company, and probably even to your other friends and family outside of our company. You've shared a lot of great ideas and you've taught us a lot things that we should know on our job. You did a great job pal. I was supposed to tell you to keep it up so you could reach your goals, but then you finally reached the end without even needing to pass all the hardships in life (even though I know you could get past through all that).

You've shared meaningful days with me and my friends. You've taught us a lot of things that we can use to reach the position that you left, and we will never forget. I know we will meet each other again. Until then, goodbye my friend and see you on the other end.

Johnlie Daquioag or Jan Lee, as we call him at work, was one of the victims of the bus blast that happened a few days ago at Buendia, Edsa.

We were all shocked to hear the news when we came at work that night. We were still clueless that our friend was one of the victims of this incident. We were setting up our work station when suddenly there was a commotion on the other side. When I heard about what's going on, I didn't even think of it for real. I was even asking them if it was true because it wasn't a good joke. Then my supervisor started crying. That's when it all sank in. I felt nothing but numbness. I couldn't speak, I've got nothing to say. We were all frowning. We don't know how to react to such a vague news. Until our supervisor confronted us and handed over the news that came from the site director herself. Jan Lee, our dear friend, has been confirmed at St. Luke's Hospital.

We were all quiet. No one was whispering a word. Silent. The noisy floor was filled with pure silence. I was praying before calls came in. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. People were making sales but no one was happy to shout it out.

We miss our friend. He always seems to brighten up everybody's day at the floor. When things get to tough and he passes by, it lightens up. A piece of greeting accompanied with a slight joke will wipe the frowning faces of those who can't make a sale. Now, that face full of cheer has left the building. I pray that he'd have eternal rest in heaven. Rest in peace my friend. Don't worry about us. We will continue your legacy...


Payo ng Isang Kaibigan sa Isang Kaibigan

"di mo yan makakalimutan. mas makulit ang problema pag tinatakbuhan. harapin mo na lang ang katotohanan at disisyunan mo na. tapos panindigan mo disisyon mo. payo ko rin yan sa sarili ko" - ashkenazz

Kasalukuyang namumrublema ang isa kong kaibigan tungkol sa kanyang lablayp. Hindi ko mapigilang matawa kasi natatawa ako. Hindi ko rin naman mapigilang malungkot dahil parang pinagdaraanan ko rin ngayon ang mga napagdadaanan nya. Hindi man kaparehong-kapareho ay may pagkakapareho pa rin. (huh?)

Gusto nya kasing kalimutan ang isang bagay, isang babae, isang sitwasyon, o kung ano man ang nangyayari sa kanya ngayon dahilan sa pagkalito na kanyang nararanasan sa kasalukuyan. Mahirap nga naman itong basta-basta nalang pawiin. Mabigat ito lalo na't araw-araw kang maaalibadbaran sa pag-ali-aligid nito sa iyo habang naliligo, kumakain, tumatae, nag-aaral, o nangungulangot.

Ang problema sa pag-ibig ay isang malaking hadlang upang ikaw ay makapag-isip ng tama at makagawa ng tama. Ang kagandahan pa nito, mukha ka laging tanga. Nakatulala ka sa kawalan, nakatingin kung saan-saan, bigla na lang kumakanta, nagiging magugulatin, at nakakapag-isip ng mga bagay na tanging ikaw lang ang nakakaisip at nakaka-intindi. Nagiging mahirap kang unawain... kasi pag kinikwento mo ang mga pangyayari ay para kang nagsasalitang daga. Tama, hindi ko talaga alam kung paano intindihin ang lengwahe ng mga daga. Ganon ka kahirap intindihin pag nasa ganitong sitwasyon ka at ang problemang kinasasadlakan mo ay sadyang mahirap maipinta.

Sa mga pagkakataong ito ay tamang lumapit ka sa mga kaibigan, sa pari, sa mga strippers sa club, at sa kung sino mang mapagkakatiwalaan mo na alam mong nagmamalasakit sayo. Maganda rin na humingi ng opinyon sa mga taong hindi mo kilala pero marami ng karanasan sa mga gantong bagay tulad nina Ai Ai delas Alas, Ogie Diaz, at Piolo Pascual. Pero tandaan na delikado ang ganitong panuntunan sapagkat sa ganitong paraan ay sari-saring opinyon ang iyong maririnig at mas mahirap intindihin kung ano ang tama at mali. Kaya dapat ay mayroon kang bukas na isipan. Normal lang na maguluhan ka sa mga naririnig at nauunawaan mo. Sa ganitong sitwasyon ang pinakamabuting takbuhan ay ang taong nilalayuan mo. Kasi sa kanya mo lang mahahanap ang mga sagot na hinahanap mo sa iba. Ito ay dahil, yung mga tanong ay tungkol sa kanya. Pero bago gawin iyon, pag-isipan mo munang mabuti. Ang isa pang nararapat mong puntahan at hingan ng tulong sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ay walang iba kundi ang sarili mo. Ikaw lang kasi ang makakapag-isip at makakapagdisisyon para sa sarili mo. At pag napanindigan mo ang mga bawat disisyon na binibitawan mo ay wala ng laban sayo ang kahit na sino. Ikaw na ang hari ng mundo mo.

Kaya ang payo ko kapatid, wag mong takbuhan kasi hahabulin ka nyan. Makulit pa yan sa nanay mo. Hahauntingin ka nyan at di ka tatantanan ng mga "what if's?". Sabihin nating natakasan mo ang problemang iyan ngayon. Kahit nahanap mo na ang kasagutan sa kasalukuyan mong kinatatayuan, babagabag pa rin sa iyo ang nakaraan at tatanungin ka ng english. What if I did this before? What if I told her the truth? What if I moved my ass and made something out of nothing? What if I tried?

Lahat ng mga nakakasulasok na tanong ay magbabalik sa iyo at babangungutin ka hanggang di ka na muling magising pa bwahahahaha! Kaya kung ako sayo, harapin mo, kid!

di mo yan makakalimutan. mas makulit ang problema pag tinatakbuhan. harapin mo na lang ang katotohanan at disisyunan mo na. tapos panindigan mo disisyon mo. payo ko rin yan sa sarili ko - ashkenazz

Mas madaling tanggapin ang problema kung alam mo kung saan ka nagkamali. Pero kung mangmang ka sa katotohanan, matulog ka na lang at magkamot ng bayag.

(payo ko rin yan sa sarili ko)

Magasin English Version - Sung by Vice Ganda at Showtime

Not so long ago, my friend Joji here sent me a message on Facebook telling me that we've been used. LOL, I laughed at it at first. But after I saw it myself and heard it myself, I didn't know how to feel anymore.

It was nice of Vice Ganda, really. To perform this song, which we don't claim ours since it was an original song by Eraserheads (our idol, I know). We just made an english translation of the "Magasin" song since it was part of our project in Filipino way back in college and since it was the group's favorite song.

I'm saying "we" because generally I'm a part of it and I just want to stand up on my friends' behalf who really put an effort to this project.

It may not seem to be really entertaining for some, but we only put this in youtube, primarily to give our friends, family, and classmates a link on how we performed on our project.

Now, don't get me wrong. We are not angry with Vice Ganda. In fact we are proud that this english translation of "Magasin" was chosen by Vice Ganda him/herself to be performed in front of a live audience at his/her show in ABS-CBN, Showtime. We really like how he/she sang the lyrics so fluently it made me recognize that each part of the lyrics he/she used was really our creation. The first reaction I made after I finished watching the clip was, "damn right this is our lyrics..."

I'm posting this blog now not to condemn Vice Ganda for what he/she's done. Like I said, we are actually proud that our video clip was chosen to be performed by Vice Ganda him/herself live at Showtime (if it's even our original video clip that he/she saw, because a lot of posers have reposted it already).

My friends are not hungry for credits. They don't wanna be known nationwide just because of a song they don't really own but made an effort to recreate to entertain our dear friends. I'm glad that he/she told the audience that it was taken out of youtube, but he/she could've at least given out the name jeroswat since he is the original uploader... It's not really a big deal though. I'm not whining about it as you can see now. No, it just sounds like I am, but I'm not. It's just that I am hearing from some of my friends that there should be a credit at least for the one who uploaded it (originally). But most of my friends really enjoyed how Vice Ganda performed it at Showtime. I even requested my friend to have it posted in my Facebook account since I was at work when  the show was aired.

To Vice Ganda, really thank you for choosing our clip (I hope it's ours that you saw, but I'm confirming it, you used our lyrics.. LOL). You were the first showbiz person who noticed the craziness we did to that song. Funny and all that. Some hated it, most of them liked it. And I am glad that you are one of those who liked it. You even used it as a sample performance in your show. I know this is not much for you, not much for us either, but we love the feeling that a great comedian like you would take interest on a ridiculous project of ours, like this. Most of my friends and families are your fans (most especially my Mom and Dad). Although I'm not one big fan of yours, I thank you for this even if you didn't know it was us. More power to the show and God bless you all. ^_^

P.S. and I'm sorry if I keep using the words he/she and him/her 'cause I really don't know how you preferred to be called.



Balitang Balita sa Radyong Sira

Ngayon lang ulit ako nanuod ng TV kung kaya't ngayon lang ulit ako nakarinig ng balita. Para akong batang ang alam lang ay manuod ng Dragon Ball Z at mag-abang ng Pokemon sa channel 7. Pero ngayong gabi, ako at ang aking kapatid ay nanunuod ng TV at ito ay nakatuon sa channel 2 o ABS-CBN. TV Patrol ang palabas. Nais ko lamang makigulo sa mga balita ng Pilipinas. Halina at makihalubilo...


Ayon sa balita ay taglamig ngayon. Sa totoo lang bumabagyo na pala sa ibang bahagi ng bansa ay hindi ko pa alam. Baha na ang maraming parte ng mundo kabilang na ang Pilipinas. Bubong na lang ng bahay ang kita sa ibang mga lugar sa mapa. Nakakalungkot mang isipin pero nakatutuwa pa rin na kami ay hindi bahagi ng mga bahang ito (dahil sa bundok ako nakatira). Kapag kami ang binaha, kamusta naman ang Maynila.

Ngayon ay alam ko na kung bakit ako may sakit. Dahil taglamig daw, mabilis kumalat ang mga virus. Kaya mag-ingat sa mga bading, mga jejemon, at mga ungas. Mahirap ng mahawa. Walang gamot jan, pahinga lang... habang buhay. Pinapayuhan ang lahat na pitasin ang bawat dahon at bunga ng mga punong-kahoy at halaman sa inyong bakuran. Pag-eksperimentuhan ninyo kung anong gamot ang maaaring makatulong sa inyong pagginhawa. Tulad ng lagundi, oregano, at luya, ang vitamin tablets ay makatutulong rin. (Other considerables: katol at tawas.)


Naturingang taglamig, tag-ulan, at tagbaha, hindi pa rin maikukubli na summer na nga. Walang kinalaman dito ang sunog. Nabanggit ko lang. Nakakapanlumo mang isipin pero laganap ang sunog ngayong unang buwan ng taon. May mga nasasawi, natutupok na bahay, at nasusugatan, tulad ng mga taong may pusong sugatan dahil malapit na ang Valentines Day.


Parang kanina lamang ata ng sumugod ang mga kampon ng B.I.R sa Tutuban Mall, 168 Mall, at iba pang mga bigating cheap malls sa kalakhang Maynila. Ang mga tindahan na nangungupahan sa mga malls na ito ay nasabing hindi nagbabayad ng tamang buwis kung kaya't sila ay napag-initan.

Kawawa naman ang mga suking mamimili. Bulk orders pa naman ang bentahan dito. Pero iyon talaga ang sikreto ng lugar na iyon. Hindi sila makakapag bargain kung may malaking buwis na nakapatong sa ulo ng mga @#$%^&* nila.

Pero gayunpaman, ang batas ay batas. So sorry na lang.


Medyo seryoso ang usaping ito. Nabalitaan ko kasing magkakaron na raw ng discount ang pagpapa-annul ng kasal? Are you drugs? Baliw ba sila? Bakit nila ibababa ang presyo ng annulment sa bansa? Ano kayang motibo nun? Mas mabuti na ngang mahal at mahirap magpa-annul para yung mga gustong mag-asawa dyan ay hindi mag basta-basta sa pag didisisyon. Hindi naman kasi laro ang kasal na pag game-over na eh next game naman. Ano yun tetris? Are you drugs?

Ang pag-aasawa, hindi yan parang mainit na kanin na isinubo at pag napaso ay... iinuman mo ng malamig na Coke! Ahhhh, sarap! Isa itong sagradong sakramento na kailangang pinag-iisipang mabuti dahil, dahil... (teka mag facebook lang ako)

Basta abnormal yun! Kapag yung brand new na Porsche ibinenta mo sa market ng P100 Thousand ang isa, maraming bibili. Ganon kasimple yun. Kahit yung mahihirap ay biglang yayaman makabili lang nyan. Para kang nagbenta ng laman sa halagang libre.


Si Baron Geisler daw nambastos na naman daw ng babae. Ni hindi ko alam kung bakit binabalita pa tong mga ganito. Balita pa ba yan? Para kang nagbalita na maraming artista ang umaasang mananalo sa eleksyon kung tatakbo sila, at marami ngang nananalo. Ganon! Napakawalang kwentang balita!

Siguro ang mga magandang balita tungkol kay Baron Geisler ay... "Baron Geisler, nangdakot... ng balls ng isang PBA player... at kanya itong ipinasok sa butas kung saan ito nararapat."

HOTD Episode List

Highschool Of The Dead
List of HOTD Episodes
  1. Spring of the Dead
  2. Escape from the Dead
  3. Democracy under the Dead
  4. Running in the Dead
  5. Streets of the Dead
  6. In the Dead of the Night
  7. Dead Night and the Dead Ruck
  8. The Dead Way Home
  9. The Sword and Dead
  10. The Dead's House Rules
  11. Dead Storm Rising
  12. All Dead's Attack

Welcome to my Lungs

Left side was last year when I had Bronchitis,
Right side was just yesterday when they checked me for TB
Kagagaling ko lang ulit ng La Salle DasmariƱas, Cavite. Anong ginawa ko doon? Malamang nagpagamot. Bwiset na sakit yan, wrong timing kung dumapo sa katawan ng tao. Sa bagay, kelan ba talaga naplano ang mga sakit?

Isang araw ay pumasok ako sa opisina na masakit ang dibdib at nagbabadyang sumasakit na rin ang likuran. Bandang baga lang naman. Hindi ko talaga alam kung muscles ko ba yung masakit, buto, o baga ko. O baka sadyang masakit lang ang likod sa madaling sabi. Ininda ko ang sakit at patuloy na nagtrabaho. Nakaramdam akong parang gusto kong bumahin. "Hatsing!" Hindi ko po napigilan mga kaibigan. Sumabog ang aking laway sa aking mga palad. Ewww... kadiri? Oo! Dali-dali akong tumakbo sa palikuran upang magsabon at maghugas ng kamay. Virus! Bacteria! Stay away! Ngunit, subalit, datapwat, bagkus ay hindi na ito napigilan. Matapos ang isang matinding bahin ay inubo na ako ng bahagya.

Sumunod na gabi ng aking pagpasok ay may kasama ng sipon. Naninikip ang dibdib at lubhang sumasakit ang mga tagiliran at likuran. Trangkaso? Walang tanong-tanong. Diretso lang sa trabaho. Dumaan ako ng clinic at sa hindi ko mawaring dahilan ay binigyan ako ng nurse ng Kremil-S. Panalo! Ininum ko ito at walang nangyari. Parang ayaw ko ng hulaan ang dahilan kung bakit. Trabaho lang.

Ikatlong gabi ay pumasok pa rin ako. Matindi-tindi na ang ubo. Humahagalpak na na parang kulog. Bumabayo ang baga na parang snare drums. Naninikip ang aking dibdib at parang pinipiga ang puso. Ininda ko lang ang nararamdaman dahil takot masabihan ng maarte. Tuloy lang sa trabaho kahit hirap ng makabenta.

Ikaapat na araw ano na nga ba ang nangyari? Pumasok pa rin ata ako sa katigasan ng ulo ko pero parang bawat araw palala ng palala ang sitwasyon. Parang "malamang!" ang natatanging reaksyon dito. Kung kaya't kinaumagahan ay minabuti ko ng bumisita sa aking long lost friend, si Doctor Leyva. Ang aming family doctor. Tatay ko lang ata ang di dumaan sa kanya. Mas madali magpagamot sa taong kilala ka na. Ang problema para ko na siyang pangalawang nanay kaya hindi maiiwasan ang ako'y mapagalitan.

Doc: Baka naman nagyosi ka pa?
Ako: ☺...
Doc: Ang tagal sumagot... naku! at nakangiti ka pa?! Nagtaka ka pa!
Ako: ☺

Matapos ang sermon, este ang check-up ay binigyan nya ko ng reseta ng gamot at medical certificate na kung saan ang inaasahan kong isang araw na absent ay ginawa nyang lima. Limang sunod-sunod na araw nya ko gusto pagpahingahin. Baka may sweldohin pa ko nun? Mabuti na lamang at dalawang araw akong sadyang walang pasok. Pero makalipas ang apat na araw ay pumasok na ako. Hindi ko sinagad ang limang araw nyang payo. Talagang suwail ata ako kahit kaninong magulang. Hindi ko rin naiinom ng tama sa oras ang mga gamot dahilan sa layo at oras ng trabaho ko mula sa bahay ko.

Matapos ang isang linggong gamutan ay parang walang nangyare. May sikreto kasi ako. Humithit ulit ako ng yosi, hihihi. Ayun! La Salle Medical Center sa DasmariƱas, Cavite ako bumagsak. Family Doctor pa rin, si Dr. Jason See. Atypical Pneumonia ang kanyang findings. Kaya pala di tumatalab ang antibiotic ko galing kay Dr. Leyva. Nag-request sya ng laboratory test, X-ray at CBC (Blood Count) at kung anu-ano pa. Sanay na ko sa turok ng karayom kaya di na ko nagpatumpik-tumpik pa, wag lang ituturok sa mata.

At matapos nga ang matagal na paghihintay ay heto na. Ang resulta, negative sa TB. Yey! Ang gulo pero at least good news. Siguro iniisip nyang TB sakit ko dahil mejo mapula ang plema ko. Baka nagasgas lang lalamunan ko kakaubo. Oh well... ☺


Talk Shit 101

Like the title of this blog, "Countless Thoughts". I have numerous ideas that I want to let out by blogging. The problem is that whenever I'm in front of my computer everything will just pop out like a bubble. Ideas sometimes, they do talk shit if you know what I mean. They show up big time but when you're ready to use them they disappear like a lady who is indebted with "5-6". Hell knows what that means.


I can't really remember the first time I encountered and learned the "SHIT" word. But what I do remember is when I learned what it meant. I learned that in 5th Grade in a school with initials H.I.A. I can't make sure of it if it's really 5th grade but as far as I can remember we were inside a classroom that was located at the first floor, right end, of the main building of that school. That made me think 5th grade because only 5th graders occupy the first floor on the main building. Uhm, section Ilang-Ilang? HAH, never mind...

In Filipino it means "TAE" pronounced as "Ta-e", or whatever. The very person who taught me that term was... you'll never guess who. -- my religion teacher. YEY! I don't know. She was different. She was nice and good, but odd. Odd for a religion teacher. She was supposed to teach us religion which she actually did. But then, I learned the word shit and what it really meant.

I thought you just use it as an expression like "JESUS! OH MY GOD!", or "Son of a b....!" So you use it as one like "Holy SH*T!" (Why do I even bother placing an asterisk?) But then I learned its very meaning. It was so meaningful I laughed so hard when she gave us an example. I think this is how she explained it.

Many people don't know what shit means. They just use it as an expression for whatever reason, they get surprised, excited or what - like "Ow shiiiiiiiittttttt!", something like that (even prolonging the "i" and the sound of the "t".) But now that you know what it means, don't you dare use it when you step on it like "SHIT! TAE!" It's totally redundant - she said.

- I can't even remember why it's funny.

I think it was the main reason why she taught us its meaning. She just doesn't want us to miss the point. Very thoughtful... Who would've ever thought of that? Only she I guess. As far as I can recall, we call her Ms. Garillo. I'm not really sure about the first name. I think it was Gina? Ms. Gina Garillo. Hell, I hope I'm not right because if I am and she finds out about this... SHIT!

I can't forget this teacher because she was the one who asked me to let her date my brother. And what was the subject she was teaching again?


This is when somebody's selling out information that ought to be true but in fact, it can't be trusted. We normally name this guys as "barbers" or what we call "barbero". In the Philippines, if you enter a regular barbershop (not a beauty salon or whatever...), you start hearing stories that you find interesting. But when you get the hang of it, it's not! It's just full of crap. You get nothing but crap.

At the first part you say "really?" and then he'll say "yeah!"... and then it's like "whatever..." It's talk shit, don't listen to it. Just like the boy who cried wolf. Although it's fun sometimes. It is, believe me it is. Unbelievable but true. It's like a virus or a drug. It's addicting you can't shake it off that easy. Once you try it, you'll get used to it. Ask my friend.

And when they say the magic word, that's when it gets even more irritating. You'll hear the word "promise" but at the back of your head there's an echo saying "weh?" It's talk-shit. When you hear them speak you just say, "Ahhh... OK..." or simply "..." that will do.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit and 32Bit

I uploaded these files so that I won't ever have to look anywhere anymore. Whenever something goes wrong with my system that cannot be fixed by my bare hands and not even my most trusted anti-malwares, I save every single bit of important information that I have and reformat my OS drive. That way, I need to reinstall my Operating System (how cruel).

But I accidentally lost my copy of the Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installer that I burned on a DVD last year. So I searched for it again. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the original file that I used to install my sweet Windows 7. Luckily, I got a hold of my friend where I got it from and asked for its whereabouts in the internet. He still has the link, for crying out loud. Man, am I lucky?

This is what I've found on the internet while searching for the original ISO file that I used to install my woring x64 win7 ultimate before; however, it didn't work on my system. But a lot of downloaders say it's a hundred percent functional. So give it a try. It already includes both ISO and all the cracks and loaders that you need.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and x86, download torrent here

Now, this will be the original ISO files that I used to turn on my windows 7 successfully last year so I have more faith in it. Got it from a friend. The forum where he got this was called My Digital Life. It's hell complete. I mean the guy who made this naturally knows all about what he's doing, but it's hard to find this info on the web (based on my experience). I really don't know how my friend got a hold of this stuff. Simple and cool.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 only, download torrent here
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 only, download torrent here

Download the win loader here so you can activate your version of windows 7


RPG: Metanoia Movie Review

This is the first Filipino 3D Animated Film ever produced and shown in Philippine cinemas. I haven't watched it in 3D. They say there's a 3-D movie of this one. Too bad, never seen it.

It's a typical 3D animated film just like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Despicable Me, Shrek, and all the other popular foreign 3D Animated movies created outside of the country. But this is the first "Full-length Animated film ever created in the Philippines, for the Filipinos, with almost 100% Filipino concept, but surely 100% Filipino content.

The concept was taken from a popular game type that we call MMORPG or Multi-Massively Online Role Playing Game where players get to create their own avatars according to their own preference and have their own adventures. I believe this was the chosen concept because it targeted children's values, Filipino families, and just the regular kids that go to school everyday and then afterwards you can find them at computer shops playing MMORPG's and all sorts of computer games. The main concept was also similar to the anime series of ".//hack".

A lot of kids nowadays haven't really experienced playing outside of the house along with other kids. Seldom do you find kids who know how to play pico, patintero, bato-bato pik, pitik-bulag, agawan base, habulan, saranggola, tumbang-lata or tumbang preso as we call it in our province. These are some of the kiddy games that I used to play when I was young. They are really exhausting and you would gain a lot of experience playing these type of games. You will learn to socialize and make friends with your friends' friends. Not unlike today, kids are settled at home making virtual families, friends, pets, and all the like. They never get to experience the outside world. This movie is an eyeopener for parents to let their kids out and have fun with other children physically, and also for kids to realize that playing with real friends rather than just their avatars is more exciting.

The story:

The storyline was good. I wasn't expecting that, but it was really superb. It touched the heart of the young and the old especially those who can relate to this concept of MMORPGs. It's a normal dilemma between parents and their children. It reminds me of how my mom and dad keeps on telling us before, when we started to get addicted to Ragnarok Online the first time it was released in the Philippines, the same things that were told to Nico on this movie. There are a lot of things that you will learn from this movie, from a gamers view and from a real-life perspective. In the end it all goes down to friendship and family. It was a good story. Compact na compact, walang naligaw na detalye.

The animation:

Before I could even watch it, I already prepared myself that it will not be 100% as good as what PIXAR Entertainment Studios produces or any other foreign animators. When I started watching it, I immediately saw the difference. It wasn't that smooth but it was tolerable. The truth is that I was even amazed. Sad to say I was expecting less but apparently I was astounded by how it appeared before my eyes. If there will be a blue-ray copy of this movie, I'd buy it! I know that technically it wasn't smooth and it needs a little polishing, but to me it's absolutely fine! Congratulations to the animators behind this project. I salute you for a wonderful job. I hope you make great progress in the future. I know a little bit of animation so I can really relate to how hard these things can be done. And to create a full-length movie is a really big challenge. But they did not fail. It was a great break-through. Keep it up.

The production:

The production was fine. Actually, it was cool. Delivery of the words weren't quite that good but it was generally fine. More room for improvement. Dubbing is fine. Not that good but tolerable. Actually, the terms or words used, or the lines used really caught my attention. How the kids delivered it was really amusing. It was so natural, I was like sitting at a computer shop lounge area watching kids play computer games. I was also like looking over my window watching kids play outside our gates. The lines were delivered naturally and that's what made it even better. Pinoy na Pinoy! I was laughing all the time because the movie was so familiar.  It's as if I know those kids and they just live in the neighborhood. The cast was amazing. I didn't think that they were the Goin' Bulilit kids. Never even imagined it was Aga Mulach, Vhong Navarro, and Eugene Domingo who dubbed the voices of the adults.

I would admit though that the dubbing of the voices were not really that good. It's one of the weaknesses of this film. They should have trained more on how to make their delivery submit to how it was being expressed by the animation and not the other way around. There are a lot of veteran anime dubbers in the Philippines and I was wondering why they were not chosen to do the job. Maybe the producers thought that they should follow how Hollywood chooses their stars to dub their 3D animated films. But these actors and actresses have trained so well to exactly match the animated expressions to make it look real. Anyway, like what I said, it was still tolerable.

The director was great. I commend him for how the film was created. Sa wakas maayos ang pagkagawa. Hindi typical cinematics ng pinoy. This time, the right angles were shown.  It's not like the typical pinoy movies that I hate because director's don't know what angles to show. This film is interesting and exciting to watch. Makes me wanna watch it over and over. Watched it twice, makes me wanna go more.


Ang galing talaga! wala akong ibang masabi. Sana they make more. This one is a success. Kung di pa to nadidiscover ng ibang mga pinoy jan, eto na pagkakataon. Maganda sya. Hindi to ginawa para suportahan lang, maganda talaga sya. Maraming matututunan. Basta hindi racist ang manunuod, siguradong kikita. Basta hindi pinoy na walang pagmamahal sa sariling bayan ang manunuod, siguradong patok. Kung alam mong pinoy ka, try mo... astig! sana MMORPG naman ang pagkaabalahan nila para di na tayo nanghihiram sa ibang bansa ng mga games. Kaya naman pala natin eh. Tuloy-tuloy nyo na! ;)

Missing Anime

Nah, I just found another anime picture from facebook and I'm curious on what it could be... Do you know what anime this is? If you do, please tell me so I can check on the web and get the series. And if you can give me a synopsis of its story, better. Thanks guys