Magasin English Version - Sung by Vice Ganda at Showtime

Not so long ago, my friend Joji here sent me a message on Facebook telling me that we've been used. LOL, I laughed at it at first. But after I saw it myself and heard it myself, I didn't know how to feel anymore.

It was nice of Vice Ganda, really. To perform this song, which we don't claim ours since it was an original song by Eraserheads (our idol, I know). We just made an english translation of the "Magasin" song since it was part of our project in Filipino way back in college and since it was the group's favorite song.

I'm saying "we" because generally I'm a part of it and I just want to stand up on my friends' behalf who really put an effort to this project.

It may not seem to be really entertaining for some, but we only put this in youtube, primarily to give our friends, family, and classmates a link on how we performed on our project.

Now, don't get me wrong. We are not angry with Vice Ganda. In fact we are proud that this english translation of "Magasin" was chosen by Vice Ganda him/herself to be performed in front of a live audience at his/her show in ABS-CBN, Showtime. We really like how he/she sang the lyrics so fluently it made me recognize that each part of the lyrics he/she used was really our creation. The first reaction I made after I finished watching the clip was, "damn right this is our lyrics..."

I'm posting this blog now not to condemn Vice Ganda for what he/she's done. Like I said, we are actually proud that our video clip was chosen to be performed by Vice Ganda him/herself live at Showtime (if it's even our original video clip that he/she saw, because a lot of posers have reposted it already).

My friends are not hungry for credits. They don't wanna be known nationwide just because of a song they don't really own but made an effort to recreate to entertain our dear friends. I'm glad that he/she told the audience that it was taken out of youtube, but he/she could've at least given out the name jeroswat since he is the original uploader... It's not really a big deal though. I'm not whining about it as you can see now. No, it just sounds like I am, but I'm not. It's just that I am hearing from some of my friends that there should be a credit at least for the one who uploaded it (originally). But most of my friends really enjoyed how Vice Ganda performed it at Showtime. I even requested my friend to have it posted in my Facebook account since I was at work when  the show was aired.

To Vice Ganda, really thank you for choosing our clip (I hope it's ours that you saw, but I'm confirming it, you used our lyrics.. LOL). You were the first showbiz person who noticed the craziness we did to that song. Funny and all that. Some hated it, most of them liked it. And I am glad that you are one of those who liked it. You even used it as a sample performance in your show. I know this is not much for you, not much for us either, but we love the feeling that a great comedian like you would take interest on a ridiculous project of ours, like this. Most of my friends and families are your fans (most especially my Mom and Dad). Although I'm not one big fan of yours, I thank you for this even if you didn't know it was us. More power to the show and God bless you all. ^_^

P.S. and I'm sorry if I keep using the words he/she and him/her 'cause I really don't know how you preferred to be called.


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