Message to a Friend

Dear Jan Lee (Johnlie Daquioag),

We've known each other for not a very long time, but it has been long enough for you to share your life with me and for the rest of the lives you've touched with your goodness. You've been a really good example to everyone in the company, and probably even to your other friends and family outside of our company. You've shared a lot of great ideas and you've taught us a lot things that we should know on our job. You did a great job pal. I was supposed to tell you to keep it up so you could reach your goals, but then you finally reached the end without even needing to pass all the hardships in life (even though I know you could get past through all that).

You've shared meaningful days with me and my friends. You've taught us a lot of things that we can use to reach the position that you left, and we will never forget. I know we will meet each other again. Until then, goodbye my friend and see you on the other end.

Johnlie Daquioag or Jan Lee, as we call him at work, was one of the victims of the bus blast that happened a few days ago at Buendia, Edsa.

We were all shocked to hear the news when we came at work that night. We were still clueless that our friend was one of the victims of this incident. We were setting up our work station when suddenly there was a commotion on the other side. When I heard about what's going on, I didn't even think of it for real. I was even asking them if it was true because it wasn't a good joke. Then my supervisor started crying. That's when it all sank in. I felt nothing but numbness. I couldn't speak, I've got nothing to say. We were all frowning. We don't know how to react to such a vague news. Until our supervisor confronted us and handed over the news that came from the site director herself. Jan Lee, our dear friend, has been confirmed at St. Luke's Hospital.

We were all quiet. No one was whispering a word. Silent. The noisy floor was filled with pure silence. I was praying before calls came in. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. People were making sales but no one was happy to shout it out.

We miss our friend. He always seems to brighten up everybody's day at the floor. When things get to tough and he passes by, it lightens up. A piece of greeting accompanied with a slight joke will wipe the frowning faces of those who can't make a sale. Now, that face full of cheer has left the building. I pray that he'd have eternal rest in heaven. Rest in peace my friend. Don't worry about us. We will continue your legacy...

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