Talk Shit 101

Like the title of this blog, "Countless Thoughts". I have numerous ideas that I want to let out by blogging. The problem is that whenever I'm in front of my computer everything will just pop out like a bubble. Ideas sometimes, they do talk shit if you know what I mean. They show up big time but when you're ready to use them they disappear like a lady who is indebted with "5-6". Hell knows what that means.


I can't really remember the first time I encountered and learned the "SHIT" word. But what I do remember is when I learned what it meant. I learned that in 5th Grade in a school with initials H.I.A. I can't make sure of it if it's really 5th grade but as far as I can remember we were inside a classroom that was located at the first floor, right end, of the main building of that school. That made me think 5th grade because only 5th graders occupy the first floor on the main building. Uhm, section Ilang-Ilang? HAH, never mind...

In Filipino it means "TAE" pronounced as "Ta-e", or whatever. The very person who taught me that term was... you'll never guess who. -- my religion teacher. YEY! I don't know. She was different. She was nice and good, but odd. Odd for a religion teacher. She was supposed to teach us religion which she actually did. But then, I learned the word shit and what it really meant.

I thought you just use it as an expression like "JESUS! OH MY GOD!", or "Son of a b....!" So you use it as one like "Holy SH*T!" (Why do I even bother placing an asterisk?) But then I learned its very meaning. It was so meaningful I laughed so hard when she gave us an example. I think this is how she explained it.

Many people don't know what shit means. They just use it as an expression for whatever reason, they get surprised, excited or what - like "Ow shiiiiiiiittttttt!", something like that (even prolonging the "i" and the sound of the "t".) But now that you know what it means, don't you dare use it when you step on it like "SHIT! TAE!" It's totally redundant - she said.

- I can't even remember why it's funny.

I think it was the main reason why she taught us its meaning. She just doesn't want us to miss the point. Very thoughtful... Who would've ever thought of that? Only she I guess. As far as I can recall, we call her Ms. Garillo. I'm not really sure about the first name. I think it was Gina? Ms. Gina Garillo. Hell, I hope I'm not right because if I am and she finds out about this... SHIT!

I can't forget this teacher because she was the one who asked me to let her date my brother. And what was the subject she was teaching again?


This is when somebody's selling out information that ought to be true but in fact, it can't be trusted. We normally name this guys as "barbers" or what we call "barbero". In the Philippines, if you enter a regular barbershop (not a beauty salon or whatever...), you start hearing stories that you find interesting. But when you get the hang of it, it's not! It's just full of crap. You get nothing but crap.

At the first part you say "really?" and then he'll say "yeah!"... and then it's like "whatever..." It's talk shit, don't listen to it. Just like the boy who cried wolf. Although it's fun sometimes. It is, believe me it is. Unbelievable but true. It's like a virus or a drug. It's addicting you can't shake it off that easy. Once you try it, you'll get used to it. Ask my friend.

And when they say the magic word, that's when it gets even more irritating. You'll hear the word "promise" but at the back of your head there's an echo saying "weh?" It's talk-shit. When you hear them speak you just say, "Ahhh... OK..." or simply "..." that will do.

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