For the Victims of Japan Tsunami

One Saturday morning, I learned the news that alarmed my curiousity. A co-worker of mine suddenly came in to work and spilled the news directly out of his mouth. "Have you heard the news?", he said. He was talking about the great tidal wave that hit Japan around 2:46PM on March 11, 2011 (Japan Standard Time.) A massive earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean in a magnitude of 8.9 to 9.0. This caused the waters to climb up a height and make a huge Tsunami that wiped the Northeastern part of Japan.

It was sad to learn about the news just by merely hearing what happened, but to see how it all happened was even more terrifying. It was horror how a part of the Land of the Rising Sun was swept by the sea waters. While I was watching the first part of the video, where the waves coming from the ocean rushed to the shores of Japan, I was amazed by what nature looks like from a bird's eye view. But when it hit ground zero and flushed everything in its path, i felt shiver all over my body. I couldn't imagine how tragic it was. Until now I can still feel the shivering of my bones. Those poor people down there were powerless against the gigantic force of the angry nature.

It reminded me of how the Philippines was once soaked in rainwater with continuous pouring of rain that lasted for 9 hours. This was even more alarming than Typhoon Ondoy. The event just happened in minutes and didn't even lasted for an hour and yet the effect was more devastating than the great flood that hit the Philippines.

What's more alarming is that some people are so insensitive of this tragic incident. They are trying to think of it as a joke, karma, or a hilarious event. It's sad how the world turns into a monster and yet people in it grow sharper horns and longer tails instead of extending their hands to help each other in times of crisis. We are not talking politics anymore. These are lives that have been drowned to waste. How I wish I can wish it back that you people should be the ones who drowned in that terrible tragedy. But doing that will only make me paint an uglier picture of me than you guys do.

I just want to pray for the welfare of what's left of Japan now. It's really sad how it all had to happen but I just want to say this:

I don't see the point where we are so furious about what the world has done to us. We don't own the earth and yet look at what we've done to her. And now we have the gutts to ask her how she could do these things to man? We were adopted by the earth. She provided us food and shelter. Yet we tried to destroy her piece by piece and now we are asking why all these things happen? Where is the justice in that? She has all the right to take what came from her. Stop asking what she had done to man and instead keep thinking of what we could have done and what we can still do to correct what we haven't done right.

I pray for the victims of this tragedy. We are all victims of this disaster. I know it's too late to think of it now but nothing's really too late. I pray that we, the people, would know what to do best. I pray that the world unite for the common good and not for their own selfish reasons. Peace on Earth.

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