Which Internet Provider has the better service?

I am at Mandaluyong area now. I'm using GPRS connection through my 3G N70. Of course it's not high-speed. More like, dial-up connection. Although my Smart GPRS is faster than Globe's. Yes! I even bought a Globe sim just to try it out. I did this to compare reliability if I'm going to buy the plug-it USB dongle from SMART Bro or from GLOBE Tattoo. Definitely not Globe anymore. I've tried it.

Now I'm thinking if 4G would be a better choice. I just hate to learn about the low thresholds and the 24 month contract. But I think I would be willing to go that far if they would offer me better connectivity; nevertheless, maybe I'll just go back to my Smart Bro Canope.

If you have experience 4G internet from the 3 popular providers: Globe, Smart, Wi-Tribe, please answer the poll to your upper right to help me decide on which one would be a better choice.

What's the best mobile internet service provider for

  • blogger
  • p2p user
  • youtube streamer
  • online gamer
*note: I know that mobile connectivity is not the best solution for this type of activities but if you were given this limited choice, what will you choose?

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