Missing You a Lot

There are a lot of things i miss about you

I miss your cooking
I miss cooking with you
I miss the food that you cook for me, all favorites
I miss your sinigang na hipon, my favorite

I miss your smile, your childish laughs
I miss the times we watch a movie together
...anime, together

I miss your crazy reactions to things
I miss your stupid mood swings

I miss how you always want me to chase you
I miss how one person can really make me feel sorry for what I did
I miss your stunning fashion
but i miss your akwardly unquestionable fashion more

I miss your obsession to cats
I like dogs better, maybe that's why we always fight

And yeah, I miss the fights
you can never have true relationship if you miss the fights
how you squander my face with your wrist wearing a wrist watch
i'll never forget that... the first time i felt pain, not for myself but i felt yours

I miss how you try to cheer me up every time I was down, although I know I get annoyed even
more 'cause I didn't like being in such a situation and you were unaware; however, the effort to keep me calm, in an ironic way for me, makes me think you're right when you start turning your back, not knowing what to do and all you ever wanted was to help me...

I miss singing for you, composing songs...
you were the real inspiration to my music sheets

I miss dancing with you, with my stiff body against your graceful body
I miss going to the bar with you
I miss drinking with you, one on one
I miss talking about our feelings for each other
I miss the first time we called each other hubby and wifey
I miss the times we work together as one
I miss how you cared for me
I miss how I care about you
I was never a gentle man but somehow you made me go halfway through

I miss the small things you do for me
I miss your manly voice
annoying sometimes but it makes me smile to think that your voice is actually more powerful than mine.. makes me think it's crazy but it's cute

I miss how you miss me
I miss how innocent I am when it comes to how you feel about a lot of things
it makes as look like characters from a cartoon series

I miss the first time I met you
I miss the first time I saw you, even more
I miss how we used to say I love you in such a meaningful way where there's passion and

I miss us
I simply miss you