I lost my ads!

Is this the price I pay for not blogging for how many months that passed?

:( I've been out of my blogs for a few months because of me being to busy at work. Although I had a lot of topics in my mind that I wanted to share, I was to lazy to go online and type and type and type. That's when I started to think of buying a smartphone so maybe I can blog-on-the-go all of the things that pops into my mind whenever I have the time to do so.

Anyway, I encountered a problem when I tried to visit this blogsite of mine again. I wasn't able to see my ads anywhere on my pages. I took a look at my adsense profile and found out that my earnings stopped at June 5th. My last post was June 1 and my earning stopped at the month of June. What a misfortune. I'm still getting hits for some of my posts but then the earnings have stopped and I don't even know why. I tried to fix my blog's design template and reinsert the widgets but it didn't do the trick. Oh, I hope somebody out there can help me bring back my ads so I can earn again even if only bits by bits.

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