A Threat in the Neighborhood!

There are certain trial times in everyone's life. Things like these happen any moment of anybody's life. And now our neighborhood is under these circumstances wherein we are being tested for endurance, safety, and survival.

There had been 7 reports of in-house-robbery in my neighborhood. It's a basic burglar crime also known as (akyat-bahay). Our neighborhood has been threatened these past few days/weeks and the homeowner's association has decided to call on a general assembly. The meeting was about the said incidents that happened and keeps on happening every now and then.

I don't know much about the details of the meeting since I wasn't physically present when it took place. Only my parents were there to attend. Mom told me that there had been a lot of attempts lately and about 7 houses confirmed to be a victim of this horrible troublemakers.

We live in such a small community. I'm not sure if the nearby subdivisions and villages have been experiencing the same problem. This kind of crime ought to be solved by the police at once. It's really uncomfortable and it makes me uneasy knowing that I don't stay home everyday since I live in the city leaving my parents in this threatened neighborhood.

We have dogs in the house and roaming from within the gates but it still makes me uneasy especially when Mom told me that there had been track of unexpected human trails at the backyard beyond our fence. Should there already be people trying to sneak out and learn how to get in our property using back-doors, making me think of buying a gun just in case of emergency.

I'm really not into deadly weapons but if my family's safety has been threatened, I'm not afraid to spend out my savings for protection. I'm not interested in guns at all. But we actually came across a gun shop last Month when we were shopping at the mall. I was so surprised how easy it was to get a gun property. But still, it never came into my senses that one day I'll be thinking of getting one. Worst comes to worse, I'd have to set aside my other "things to buy" and get one for the safety of my family.

My friend actually told me to get a pitbull, one that is unfriendly to strangers. We had one raised before but it died due to weather conditions that it's not accustomed to. It's sad that I have to remember my dog's death :(.

Anyway, I hope the authorities put an end to this already so that not only me but everyone else will be free from the stress of having to think that there might be somebody else watching our home at night not for the intent of protecting but forcefully intruding.

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  1. Oh, that's really frightening. If I were at your situation I may have evacuated the area. You can't expect when they're going to attack your house and how. So, to be safe you should add high protection equipments to your house. spybubble