Blob: Only Blogger App for Symbian

Hey lookey here. Guess what I'm doing? I'm mobile blogging! I'm blogging right now using this Symbian Blogger app called Blob.

Hi guys. You know, I really have a lot of things and thoughts to share with you but i just don't have the full time to do this. Then I finally found something that could probably help me more on this.

I came by my post that says, "The Blogger is Back". But where was I really after hitting that post? I realized that I can't always be with my desktop and some internet connection to write some blogs and publish right away. That's why I've decided to search for a blogger app for the nth time in the history of ovi store.

I'm a Nokia phone user -- (N8) to be specific, and this camera phone proves to be a really good photo sharing tool on-the-go. But sometimes, pictures go better with words to describe the whole story. So while searching Google for a fine app that can help me blog on-the-go (which hopefully existed), I found this app called "Blob".

Blob is a mobile phone application created for symbian phone users. Blob is the only blogger app for Google blogger, according to the app itself and as far as I know as well, that's created for symbian. For me, it's already a pretty decent program which enables me to do my thing, not to mention that it does the job amazingly.

It's the only blogger app available for symbian, so it would really be hard to compare. I hardly used the wordpress app i downloaded last time 'cause I thought I'd just stick to blogger. So i really can't compare the features and all that.

Though it's quick and the right functions do the job, we would all agree that it still lacks some features that would really be helpful to its users in publishing blog posts. I bought it for the price of half of a Marlboro cigarette pack, so I'd say that it's not so bad.

The basic features are here. You can read, edit, create, and delete posts and comments. You can save a draft both online and offline. So if you worry about not being able to publish your work for the time being, you can work offline and save it to offline drafts. Open it and publish it as soon as you get a hold of an internet connection. You can actually set the date and time which means you can schedule your posts. There is an option to preview your blog while you create or edit your post. It's equipped with HTML5 and with a cool rich text editor as if you're blogging on a PC. You can blog in pure text or hard-code those HTML tags along with it.

It has a smooth, fast, and clean interface. I don't really mind if it only has two themes, the black and white. It may probably offer some variety of designs and colors, but that's just probably gonna cause the UI to slow down and crash.

The rich text editor has basic HTML formatting buttons. Hey, let me try it.

bold, italic, underline, strikethrough,sample link,

Btw, that image above is inserted thru a link via the img tag.
Okay, so it works.

If only there's an option to upload photos directly from the phone's directory, it could have been the perfect start-up kit. I'm hoping this to be worked on and be released right away. It's really gonna be a big help for blogger users.


There should be a photo uploader. It's a must! It's great if the editor has two views, html and rich text when editing the post to eliminate the html tags but the properties are still there. Also hoping that like other text editors, we can also highlight text entries and delete, cut, copy and paste throughout the document. I hope that by adding the tags or labels, we can retrieve a list of tags from our original blog. At least just an option. How about encorporating the blog reader as well so this can be used to see other blogs. And last but not the least, I noticed that the list of blogs that can be edited extends only upto 24 posts or so. It's not such a big deal breaker for me but it would be nice to have an option to load more.

If there are more updates to make this app be at its finest, then by all means please share it with us :)

I am encouraging all bloggers especially those who want or need to blog on-the-go. Please support Blob, the only blogger app for Symbian. I recommend this app for its ease of use, clean and fast UI, and a remarkable functionality from its list of features.

To its creator,

Thank you for putting this app online :)


  1. Hello there ashkenazz. Glad that you liked the app.
    I'm working on the photo upload feature.. Hope to get it working soon.
    Would like to know which version number you are using.
    And doesn't the cut copy paste and clipboard buttons work in the editor?
    as in here http://twitpic.com/9njglu

    1. Hi Sir, I got your update and I think it's pretty neat. Hope to see more :)

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