No Blog for my Nokia N8 (and some random naive thoughts)

The reason why I can't or don't blog about my Nokia N8 camera phone yet is because...

...it's the best camera i have yet in possession and I can't take pictures of it. Just the box! Although honestly, the first time I got a hold of it last November of 2011, I couldn't make up my mind if I should draft my review already or just simply blog about it. Maybe I was just lazy. I still am.

But the camera is really amazing for a smart phone. Even up to now, I think I'll be sticking with this phone for a much longer time than expected. Most people are so gadget conscious, they tend to replace their gadgets regularly. Regularly as in like yearly, every 6 months, monthly?? or the worse that you could ever imagine.

Well, I'm not that kind of person and I wouldn't wanna be one. Before I actually decided on buying this phone, it took me a year to deliver the final verdict. So much cautious, I wanted to make sure that I will be making use of every bit of it. I mean, not just for fancy. I'm not the type who goes out on the streets and say, "hey! I have a new gadget and these are the cool features..." That's just lame.

I studied my own needs and wants. I've read different review sites, watched tens of video reviews, compared to different phones of various types. And of course, I had to review every single phone that's comparable to Nokia N8. Well, in terms of how I needed and wanted it, that is.

Choosing a phone really depends on how you plan to use it. If you just wanna look cool, buy an Apple product (or iProduct, "duh duh duh"). That will surely hype your friends' interest. Those products are totally unreasonably expensive. It will probably make you look gay as well. If you wanna look techie, buy a Samsung. If you wanna look like a professional, most of the professionals I know have Blackberry. If you're just simply looking for the best... NO, I'm not plugging in the Nokia brand. In my case, I bought the Nokia N8, though. Ask yourself why?


That's probably the answer to that question.

If you needed to be flashy and stylish, why didn't you just buy a jewelry? If you needed to play games, buy a PS3, or a DS, or a Brick Game. 

This is also the reason why I'm not buying a Tab. What good will I make use of it for? To play Temple Run? Are you crazy? I'd add up some dollars to that price and buy myself a useful laptop where I can play real games and do lots of useful stuffs, as well. Not unless it's really gonna have some purpose for me, I wouldn't spend a dime on something just so people would say I have the money to pay for it. Lame. Or I'd probably buy myself a big HDTV with the same price range as that.

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