Sumo Sam: Seafood Ramen

I went out with my friends last night to catch up with some unfolding details from our best friend's love life. I didn't know we were gonna eat. I thought we were just gonna hang out at a coffee shop and talk about how everyone's life was. Unfortunately, Mr. Lover Boy was hungry, we weren't...

We first sent ourselves out to Kimono Ken. Seems like, Japanese style cooking is what's in store for us that day. Getting there, we took a facepalm to ourselves seeing the queue of people outside the restaurant. On the brighter side, there was another Japanese fine dining place just 6 floors above our current location. We went up to what was called, Sumo Sam. I think my friend said it was owned by Marvin Agustin (Philippine Actor). Who cares? Bring us food!

Aside from the yummy looking servings, viewed from afar on the dining tables, the attractive ladies serving the food seem also yummy... Just saying...

Well, we sat down and menu was on the table. Choose, choose, choose. I was surprised to see that the price of their Ramen noodles soup were twice the price of Kimono Ken's. Though I wasn't very hungry, I decided to order the almost 400 Peso-bucks Seafood Ramen which looks like half the common serving on the picture. I didn't order our favorite Salmon Sashimi anymore because like I said I wasn't very hungry. And besides, my friend already ordered it so we just planned out an attack to take down the raw fish.

And then... Tadah!! Here it is!
Sumo Sam Gigantic Seafood Ramen @Shangri La

After 10-15 or 15-20 minutes of waiting, it has finally arrived. Surprised once again, the reason why the price was twice that of Kimono Ken's is because the size has been doubled as well! The bowl was really big as if it was a 2-person serving.

The noodles were very firm! I like it very much. The soup was tasty as expected from a seafood noodle soup. You can taste the colliding flavors of the shrimp, squid, and other seafood ingredients I don't even know what to call. I really don't know how to describe food and most of the time, I don't know what it's called, but when I say it's good, I mean it!

I like Ramen Noodles a lot. I have not tried Shinjuku Ramen yet and another restaurant that my friend told me about. I'm hoping that someday I'll chance upon those diners and lustfully enjoy the joyful feeling of eating Ramen Ramen Ramen!


Sungha Jung inspired my father to buy Ukulele?

I thought I heard a ukulele nearby. But it seems that I wasn't just imagining what I heard...

I saw this piece of paper on top of my desktop. There were some absurd guitar tabs and keywords pertaining to... yes, ukulele. So that's what the tabs were for!

It seems that my father, who recently got hooked up to the internet after I brought home my desktop, has been surfing youtube for Ukulele prodigies... And then the name of Sungja Jung popped from the bottom of this piece of paper so I immediately googled it.

After a few minutes of reviewing these videos... (I actually paused writing this blog after the last statement above to search for this kid)

This amazing kid, whom I realized to have started when he was just very little, is really deadly when it comes to finger style guitar play. I had a lot of stupid comments after knowing that my father actually bought a ukulele because he probably got inspired by this, but then after watching the super freaking show - I had not much to say.

I had discovered finger-style in playing guitars when I was in college. I didn't know that was the term for it. Never really gotten good at it. My first finger-style piece was a christian song. And then, lazy me, no more guitar after school life. But seeing such an amazing kid play finger-style like Tuck Andres is really giving me the goosebumps. I now also look up to his guitar inspiration who is Ulli Boegershausen (a very difficult name indeed).


*I just learned 2 days after that the ukulele was a gift from by brother


The Story of Mang Roldan

This is to share the humbling story of Mang Roldan. This has been re-posted several times, probably hundreds or thousands of times in facebook and it has appeared too many times on my news feed. It was only now that I had this opportunity to check it out.

*I do not claim ownership of this story. I just wanted to share this on my online journal as I, too, have experienced such an opportunity to help, in a very simple way, people like Mang Roldan. And to share what you have, to people who need, really gives the feeling of joy in your heart. I've done it once or probably twice, but the awesome feeling cannot be denied.

One does not need to be a millionaire-billionaire philanthropist to help those who are in need. I thought the author of this story was already generous enough to have helped the man in need, but there is more to life than what it seems.

As the meme goes... "faith in humanity, restored..."
Enjoy reading Mang Roldan's story :)

Photo of Mang Roldan taken by author
and posted in facebook together with his story

I almost cried reading this. :) Don't be lazy, this is worth reading and sharing. Godbless him!


I am just sharing this picture of a very humble guy named ROLDAN JIMENEZ PINEDA, 63yrs old, from Kawayan, Isabela. You don’t need to 
read everything if you feel lazy, but all I need to ask you is pray for his safety. I am not a writer, but I will try to tell you the story.

Here's what happened:
Just this windy and rainy morning, I was in my friend's canteen. It is just beside the subdivision where I live. I was chatting with my friend's dad about some business. This humble guy came in front caught my attention. He was not asking for money nor anything. Instead, he ordered P5 worth of rice. He cannot even look directly because he feels so shy.He said, "Maaari po bang bumili ng limang pisong kanin?" His hair is so wet that's why he covered it with a small towel. His clothes are kinda wet too. When I heard his shaking voice, I can feel that he is tired, cold, and starving. He has a green backpack and a sack with old boxes and plastic bottles. I suddenly felt sorry about him, that my heart was telling me that I need to do something. Instead of me just sitting on my chair, I decided to stand up and tried talking to him. I asked him if that small amount of rice would satisfy him. He said that he was planning to eat some of it and save some, then continue walking til he reach Nueva Ecija which is more than a hundred miles I think. His destination would be Kawayan, Isabela, where he lives. He asked if he can fill his bottle with some water. I said, sure. While I was putting water in his used old bottle, I told him to order some more food so he can eat. Told him not to worry because I will pay it for him. Mang Roldan never asks for money. He earns his own by selling bottles at the junk shops. His eyes turned red, while he was trying to hold his tears. He said that he can’t thank me enough.

MANG ROLDAN: Nahihiya po ako kasi ganito lang suot ko.(- I feel shy because of what I am wearing.)
ME: Akong bahala po sainyo. Ano pong gusto nyong kainin? (- That is ok. Do not worry. What do you wanna eat?)
MANG ROLDAN: Wala po ako sa posisyon para pumili. Kahit gulay lang po o yung pinakamura. (- I am not in the position to choose. I can have vegetables or the cheapest food would be fine.)
ME: Kailangan nyo pong kumain. Order po kayo kahit ano, yung siguradong mabubusog kayo. (- You need to eat, and make sure to satisfy yourself.)

I took his hand so he can walk beside the stand where he can choose. While they were giving him his food, I told him that I need to go home and get some money so I can pay his bill. At home, I grabbed my old camouflage jacket which I gave him.
We talked about his tragic story and his plans. Years ago, he needed to sell their house and lot because his wife had a bone disease. Sadly, everything was spent but his wife didn’t make it. He had 3 children. The first born were twins, died because of bronchopneumonia. While the youngest was ran over by a bus. He tried putting a small business by selling fishballs in Manila, but in the time of Bayani Fernando, MMDA took his carts and destroyed them. Mang Roldan and his family are church people. You can tell with the way he speaks. He visited Pampanga to see his sister/brother. Too bad he wasn’t able to meet the only family that he knows. Hearing his story broke my heart.

I also noticed that he cannot walk straight because of his swollen left leg. “Lumipad yung bato na nadaanan nung gulong ng jeep, tumama sa paa ko” he said. (A rock smaller than my fist was the reason) He thanked me for the food and jacket. I handed him some money so he can ride the bus and buy food. He said that he cannot give me anything in return. Seeing him wipe his tears made me feel super sad that it made me cry too. I was speechless. I shaked his hand and told him that his story was enough for me to learn things, and I was happy that I was able to help him. I gave him my umbrella so he will not get wet on his journey. He didn’t want to take it, but I insisted. (I hope my mom won’t notice that her umbrella is missing)

While Mang Roldan was crossing the street I was looking at him. I noticed that he was walking towards a corner. He saw a beggar on the side. You know what he did? He did not share the food that he had, HE GAVE EVERYTHING! Rice, bread, and water. That’s it! That was priceless! I knew that this man is special. He touched my heart. I realized that what I gave him is not even enough. Salt water fell from my eyes. (even while I’m typing now). I decided to go to him when I noticed that busses and jeepneys were not stopping because of discrimination. So we waited for a bus and I took his picture. He smiled and said, “half-body lang ha, nakakahiya may dala akong sako. Hehehe!” What a guy! He can still smile after all the things that he went through. Finally, a bus stopped. I told him to act as if he is my uncle. Before he stepped on the bus, he thanked me again. I waved goodbye and said “Ingat Tito, text mo ko kaagad.” I said it loud so the conductor will hear me and pretend that Mang Roldan has a cellphone.
I don’t know, but he was like an angel that was sent to teach me and realize lots of things. That is why I decided to put it on FB, hoping that you will learn from it. If only I am wealthy enough, I would love to do more things just to help more needy, homeless, poor, deserving people. I have been planning to create my own Foundation since I was young. Well, God has plans for all of us. Maybe someday I will. I also hope I could meet Mang Roldan again, and give him a fishball business or have him help me helping others.

I remember a book written by Father Jerry Orbos, that we should not be just good Samaritans but we need to be Better Samaritans.

You can share this if you want. If not, just please pray that God bless the people like Mang Roldan. May God Bless you too =)


MOLOME updates with more sharing options

MOLOME recently updated their version by adding more sharing options and fixing some known bugs. For the longest time I have been waiting for that update where they promised to include Tumblr on the list of sharing apps. Before it only used to have Facebook and Twitter, if my memory serves me right. Now it includes Tumblr, Flickr, Weibo, VK, and Dropbox as well.

The update took place sometime in July of this year 2012. The latest version for Symbian users would be MOLOME v2.1.11. If you haven't been following their blog, like me, then you also wouldn't notice about this update.

For those of you who do not know, MOLOME is a mobile photo sharing tool for Symbian and other mobile devices like Blackberry. It's commonly known as molo.me which is the counterpart of instagr.am. Of course, like Instagram, you can easily visit their official website at http://molo.me


My Photoblog

Finally! Now that MOLO.ME adopted Tumblr.com, I can now blog the photos I shoot, with my Nokia N8, anywhere and anytime I have internet connection of course. For the longest time, my camera phone has been idle since I can't share my photos the way I want them to be shared.

I'm not really a photographer. Don't even consider me as an amateur. Probably just a hobbyist who also dreams to get a hold of a good enough SLR camera someday to exercise the nothingness of my creativity through the photos I take.

Thanks to molome, I was able to reopen my Tumblr account, hoping to share vague and insignificant ideas, events and what the hell subjects. I also thank my Nokia N8 for being steady on me no matter how many times I accidentally drop it from 2 to 5 feet high and doesn't break. Yep, still working fine.

Thanks to all mobile devices and means that I may be able to continue blogging as a form of relief and self-gratification though I am always lazy to do it.

You may visit my nonsense photoblog at http://spoiledmangoes.tumblr.com/

Sincerely yours,
Lazy Blogger


Please Like my Post - Post

http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes - this link was twitted to me by my friend right after I placed back a facebook floating like button in a trending fashion (despite the fact that I just recently blogged about getting off the hook with facebook for some time due to its negative effects on my real social life).

But I would like to thank Fresh Tips blogs first for giving me an idea on how to create such a trendy floating like button for facebook, and twitter, and google+ as well. These all contradicts my previous post.

Now regarding the original story of this post. It tackles about how you should avoid getting people to like your posts or page in a very annoying manner. So annoying, you start to look like the annoying orange.

Do you remember the facebook posts that says "like and share if...", "like if...", "share if...", if if if fucking ifsss... What if I don't like? Well, those are just a few samples of what is being discussed from that link I just posted above. It makes a lot of sense, really. Asking people you know or people you don't really even know to like your post or like your page so that it would turn viral and you can become famous in your own pesky little way is so damn fucking irritating. (I'm still learning to get the curse words out of my system)

I am now starting to get consciously affected if I might have done the same thing in the past. If that ever happened, I will punch myself in the face. And if you have done it or is still doing it, you should also do the same. That's just the lamest thing to do.

The author is absolutely right. You can't do it in real life! Asking anyone to like your facebook post is like telling your friends, in real life, to let the whole world know of what you want to say, in your behalf. "Hey! I've been going to the gym and the effect is really good. Please like if you think this is true." is the same as, "Hey! I think I'm sexy, can you tell your friends how sexy I am?" - if you tell me that, I will poke your face until it bleeds like apple juice.

Really now? Cut the crap and like this post if you agree...

Twister Fries is Back!

After a very long while, the McDonalds Twister Fries is back!

First tasted it way back in college where my "long time crush" (well at least that's the best word to describe her) introduced this to me. Ever since then, I longed for it like the way she did. Not the most fantastic cravings I had in my youthful days, but one that's enough to excite me and bring back some college memories as well.

McDonalds Twister Fries with Double Cheese Burger and Monster Float Combo

Top it up with a double cheeseburger and a monster float. Nomnomnom... more than 200 peso-bucks for this order made my day. I can now lay down on my bed and have a good night sleep, or noon rather.

Call Me Maybe/Payphone Mashup

Saw this post from one of my friends in twitter. And when I logged in today on facebook (which I said I'd kick myself out for the mean time), this video popped into my monitor and I watched it. And it's cool.

This this this Call Me Maybe song has gone viral for some time now and I've heard this Payphone song all over different radio stations without ever knowing what the title was. Though, of course, Maroon 5 made a better impression on people, being it viral than the Carly Rae Jepsen girl.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, being one of the most viral song/video in the history of pop music really kicked in and made a lot of people create their very own versions of it. However, due to the ironic effect of this viral song, a lot of people have also started despising the song since you can hear and watch it almost everywhere and almost all sorts of people from different parts of the world began shooting annoying videos of themselves, most often than not. I, too, have been a victim of it and had hoped to create our own version of that stupid love song. Fortunately, I was saved.

It became so annoying that people would consider it as the new "My Way" song by Frank Sinatra where the people who try to sing it in every karaoke bar gets salvaged by the mafia or any drunk men inside the room. Mashing it up with Payphone, though it also seems to be all too famous, made it a good break - for me.


Facebook is becoming anti-social

I'm kicking myself out facebook for the mean time. I'm beginning to realize what facebook and the internet has done to me in the past few years of my life... Wasted social life!

Most of us who probably started in Friendster and other websites like My Space, Plurk, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and many other more, don't seem to realize that reality is sinking down in tiny pieces of copper wires. The world is slowly becoming the Internet and the Internet is hastily becoming our world.

We socialize in front of the computer, and tiny devices like smart phones and tablets. We hardly get to see the real people behind these profile pictures. Reality has become digital and if God does not forbid, we will all be cyborgs. @.@

Have you ever look at yourself in front of the mirror and ask yourself who your real friends are, where they are, and what might they be doing at this very moment you are reading this stupid blog? You'd probably just wanna stay home for a couple more minutes and just check your facebook account, see who's online, update some status, and laugh your ass out on 9Gag.

The internet is slowly killing my real social life. This is what I realized some days, weeks, or months ago which I would've wished I had realized long before I got freaking addicted to these fake social tools. Yeah sure, they connect people all around the world. I have hundreds of friends in facebook I don't even know.

I looked at myself from a very far perspective and I see that I am what the internet has always been commercializing... "Forever Alone"

I became a dead kid. When I was in college, I go to school, go back home alone in my little apartment and start checking out on my stupid facebook account that all it really has to offer were some toilet humor and an acquaintance trying to rant about her stupid boyfriend 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I, too, became a victim of this prison. I started voicing out all my opinions, feelings, emo emo emo onto the status update section. When I got my timeline, I looked back into my life and saw that it was crap.

Now that I have work, all I do is go to work, go back home and facebook and twitter and tumblr and 9Gag and fuck myself  every night. Where is the fucking life in that? I know that not all of us or all of you treat these social websites like pets, or more like their gods. But most of the time, I'm guessing a 7 out of 10 is facing a "social life" crisis because of this madness.

I do not discourage the use of these tools and applications. I am still using them. But as a member of humanity, I encourage all stupid people like me to stay away from these junks every once in a while, look out the window and throw some dog shit on your neighbor's lawn. That is more exciting than watching Jack Ass do all the fun.

Do not let the meme's steal away your happiness. Those meme's represent you assholes! You keep on posting and laughing about these meme's and the next thing you know, it's all about you. You you you!

"Facebook is becoming anti-social" - I do not mean this in a very literal way, but yes! It is, for me. I hope it don't take long before you realize the same thing. If you are part of the 30% who do not use social websites like freaks, 25% of which do not actually know about what it is, then lucky you!

If you are part of the fraction that puts a brand on your forehead that says (bah), start ranting on the comments bar now like you own this place because we don't even know each other and yet you are free to leave your "forever alone" comments.

Imma start ranting on blog posts now rather than on facebook where a few people know me and most of them only started following because of God knows why. Most people on your friends' list don't even give a fuck dude! So I'll just post my stupidity here where no one is obliged to check it out. I'll probably still post some catchy nonsense posts on facebook since I know they like it, still. But now, I think twitter made more sense since it's gonna be my mini-blog where I can say whatever I want, knowing that nobody is following :p bleh.

Go out with real friends, people! Step out of your house and meet your neighbors  whom you thought never ever existed. Bring back reality to your lives, damn it! LOL just sharing everything IMO.

Thanks :)

A Storm Coming

There is a storm coming. And it's bigger than the Philippines!

I saw this on Facebook once, heard it on the radio, and just earlier today I Googled it and a government website seems to be putting sense in all of this fuzz. After Typhoon Gener, here comes another. When will they ever end? I can't get my bike out into action.


Is this for real or am I just seeing things? I probably don't know how to interpret these things. Let's leave it to the experts and just be safe.


Where is he?

I was listening to the radio last night, FM station @99.5 RT and the segment was the Disenchanted Kingdom with Maui, Marf and King DJ Logan. They suddenly brought up a topic regarding the whereabouts of the Philippine President in this time of need.

The Philippines just got hit by Typhoon Gener in this season of storms and major calamities. But the big noticeable question remains... Where is the President?

It's been a concern that I had ever since that calamity in CDO happened where his whereabouts have also been questioned by the people who have suffered the catastrophic event.

I got paralyzed when they mentioned one of the reasons that was allegedly said by the President that he was just trying to avoid political publicity in these times of disaster. I think it was dumb to use that excuse on not to look out and reach out to your people in the time they need their leader the most. These people did not elect you to just sit by and watch them suffer while you sip coffee inside your palace. If you are not the type of guy who don't want his his hands and feet get dirty and face some danger outside of your comfort zone, at least get in front of the camera and make a national statement that would boost the morale of your people.

It gives me a fix notion that you're not just lazy, but useless. I don't know what you have accomplished so far. I probably don't care anymore. I'm not even interested in your SONA. I can't feel nor see any improvement in the system. It never hit me once, since you sat down your throne, that "hey! what the hell with all this great changes? who made it?" Sadly, none. If that happens, I may just have to change the way I think about you. Please make yourself be felt. You were elected by the people because of your parents' legacy, not because you're good. We all know that you are lazy and you haven't done anything really significant during your stay in the senate. I didn't even know you ever existed until your mother died. Please, at least, make the death of your parents count. And for the record, I never voted for you. But I placed my trust in you just as everyone did. I'm probably as lazy as you are. But you are a country leader of more than 90 million people. Please function as you are expected.

The DJ is probably right. If you feel like you are wasting away 6 years of your life to some job that you never really dreamed of having and is not really making you happy at all, I say waste it! There is no more going back. Instead of wasting the rest of your 6 years hiding inside your closet and whining like a little kid, just waste it by fulfilling your duty to the people. A lot of people are counting on you. I don't. But at least don't let the hope of the rest of the people die. God bless the Philippines.