Facebook is becoming anti-social

I'm kicking myself out facebook for the mean time. I'm beginning to realize what facebook and the internet has done to me in the past few years of my life... Wasted social life!

Most of us who probably started in Friendster and other websites like My Space, Plurk, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and many other more, don't seem to realize that reality is sinking down in tiny pieces of copper wires. The world is slowly becoming the Internet and the Internet is hastily becoming our world.

We socialize in front of the computer, and tiny devices like smart phones and tablets. We hardly get to see the real people behind these profile pictures. Reality has become digital and if God does not forbid, we will all be cyborgs. @.@

Have you ever look at yourself in front of the mirror and ask yourself who your real friends are, where they are, and what might they be doing at this very moment you are reading this stupid blog? You'd probably just wanna stay home for a couple more minutes and just check your facebook account, see who's online, update some status, and laugh your ass out on 9Gag.

The internet is slowly killing my real social life. This is what I realized some days, weeks, or months ago which I would've wished I had realized long before I got freaking addicted to these fake social tools. Yeah sure, they connect people all around the world. I have hundreds of friends in facebook I don't even know.

I looked at myself from a very far perspective and I see that I am what the internet has always been commercializing... "Forever Alone"

I became a dead kid. When I was in college, I go to school, go back home alone in my little apartment and start checking out on my stupid facebook account that all it really has to offer were some toilet humor and an acquaintance trying to rant about her stupid boyfriend 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I, too, became a victim of this prison. I started voicing out all my opinions, feelings, emo emo emo onto the status update section. When I got my timeline, I looked back into my life and saw that it was crap.

Now that I have work, all I do is go to work, go back home and facebook and twitter and tumblr and 9Gag and fuck myself  every night. Where is the fucking life in that? I know that not all of us or all of you treat these social websites like pets, or more like their gods. But most of the time, I'm guessing a 7 out of 10 is facing a "social life" crisis because of this madness.

I do not discourage the use of these tools and applications. I am still using them. But as a member of humanity, I encourage all stupid people like me to stay away from these junks every once in a while, look out the window and throw some dog shit on your neighbor's lawn. That is more exciting than watching Jack Ass do all the fun.

Do not let the meme's steal away your happiness. Those meme's represent you assholes! You keep on posting and laughing about these meme's and the next thing you know, it's all about you. You you you!

"Facebook is becoming anti-social" - I do not mean this in a very literal way, but yes! It is, for me. I hope it don't take long before you realize the same thing. If you are part of the 30% who do not use social websites like freaks, 25% of which do not actually know about what it is, then lucky you!

If you are part of the fraction that puts a brand on your forehead that says (bah), start ranting on the comments bar now like you own this place because we don't even know each other and yet you are free to leave your "forever alone" comments.

Imma start ranting on blog posts now rather than on facebook where a few people know me and most of them only started following because of God knows why. Most people on your friends' list don't even give a fuck dude! So I'll just post my stupidity here where no one is obliged to check it out. I'll probably still post some catchy nonsense posts on facebook since I know they like it, still. But now, I think twitter made more sense since it's gonna be my mini-blog where I can say whatever I want, knowing that nobody is following :p bleh.

Go out with real friends, people! Step out of your house and meet your neighbors  whom you thought never ever existed. Bring back reality to your lives, damn it! LOL just sharing everything IMO.

Thanks :)


  1. i'm currently working on a story about how social networking sites has changed the way we socialize. can i ask for an interview (even just an email interview) with the person who wrote this article? please email me at jamaicadigo@gmail.com if it's okay. thank you very much!

    1. sure :)

      I'm glad that this post interest you. Sent you an email...