MOLOME updates with more sharing options

MOLOME recently updated their version by adding more sharing options and fixing some known bugs. For the longest time I have been waiting for that update where they promised to include Tumblr on the list of sharing apps. Before it only used to have Facebook and Twitter, if my memory serves me right. Now it includes Tumblr, Flickr, Weibo, VK, and Dropbox as well.

The update took place sometime in July of this year 2012. The latest version for Symbian users would be MOLOME v2.1.11. If you haven't been following their blog, like me, then you also wouldn't notice about this update.

For those of you who do not know, MOLOME is a mobile photo sharing tool for Symbian and other mobile devices like Blackberry. It's commonly known as molo.me which is the counterpart of instagr.am. Of course, like Instagram, you can easily visit their official website at http://molo.me

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