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Finally! Now that MOLO.ME adopted Tumblr.com, I can now blog the photos I shoot, with my Nokia N8, anywhere and anytime I have internet connection of course. For the longest time, my camera phone has been idle since I can't share my photos the way I want them to be shared.

I'm not really a photographer. Don't even consider me as an amateur. Probably just a hobbyist who also dreams to get a hold of a good enough SLR camera someday to exercise the nothingness of my creativity through the photos I take.

Thanks to molome, I was able to reopen my Tumblr account, hoping to share vague and insignificant ideas, events and what the hell subjects. I also thank my Nokia N8 for being steady on me no matter how many times I accidentally drop it from 2 to 5 feet high and doesn't break. Yep, still working fine.

Thanks to all mobile devices and means that I may be able to continue blogging as a form of relief and self-gratification though I am always lazy to do it.

You may visit my nonsense photoblog at http://spoiledmangoes.tumblr.com/

Sincerely yours,
Lazy Blogger

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