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http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes - this link was twitted to me by my friend right after I placed back a facebook floating like button in a trending fashion (despite the fact that I just recently blogged about getting off the hook with facebook for some time due to its negative effects on my real social life).

But I would like to thank Fresh Tips blogs first for giving me an idea on how to create such a trendy floating like button for facebook, and twitter, and google+ as well. These all contradicts my previous post.

Now regarding the original story of this post. It tackles about how you should avoid getting people to like your posts or page in a very annoying manner. So annoying, you start to look like the annoying orange.

Do you remember the facebook posts that says "like and share if...", "like if...", "share if...", if if if fucking ifsss... What if I don't like? Well, those are just a few samples of what is being discussed from that link I just posted above. It makes a lot of sense, really. Asking people you know or people you don't really even know to like your post or like your page so that it would turn viral and you can become famous in your own pesky little way is so damn fucking irritating. (I'm still learning to get the curse words out of my system)

I am now starting to get consciously affected if I might have done the same thing in the past. If that ever happened, I will punch myself in the face. And if you have done it or is still doing it, you should also do the same. That's just the lamest thing to do.

The author is absolutely right. You can't do it in real life! Asking anyone to like your facebook post is like telling your friends, in real life, to let the whole world know of what you want to say, in your behalf. "Hey! I've been going to the gym and the effect is really good. Please like if you think this is true." is the same as, "Hey! I think I'm sexy, can you tell your friends how sexy I am?" - if you tell me that, I will poke your face until it bleeds like apple juice.

Really now? Cut the crap and like this post if you agree...

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