Sumo Sam: Seafood Ramen

I went out with my friends last night to catch up with some unfolding details from our best friend's love life. I didn't know we were gonna eat. I thought we were just gonna hang out at a coffee shop and talk about how everyone's life was. Unfortunately, Mr. Lover Boy was hungry, we weren't...

We first sent ourselves out to Kimono Ken. Seems like, Japanese style cooking is what's in store for us that day. Getting there, we took a facepalm to ourselves seeing the queue of people outside the restaurant. On the brighter side, there was another Japanese fine dining place just 6 floors above our current location. We went up to what was called, Sumo Sam. I think my friend said it was owned by Marvin Agustin (Philippine Actor). Who cares? Bring us food!

Aside from the yummy looking servings, viewed from afar on the dining tables, the attractive ladies serving the food seem also yummy... Just saying...

Well, we sat down and menu was on the table. Choose, choose, choose. I was surprised to see that the price of their Ramen noodles soup were twice the price of Kimono Ken's. Though I wasn't very hungry, I decided to order the almost 400 Peso-bucks Seafood Ramen which looks like half the common serving on the picture. I didn't order our favorite Salmon Sashimi anymore because like I said I wasn't very hungry. And besides, my friend already ordered it so we just planned out an attack to take down the raw fish.

And then... Tadah!! Here it is!
Sumo Sam Gigantic Seafood Ramen @Shangri La

After 10-15 or 15-20 minutes of waiting, it has finally arrived. Surprised once again, the reason why the price was twice that of Kimono Ken's is because the size has been doubled as well! The bowl was really big as if it was a 2-person serving.

The noodles were very firm! I like it very much. The soup was tasty as expected from a seafood noodle soup. You can taste the colliding flavors of the shrimp, squid, and other seafood ingredients I don't even know what to call. I really don't know how to describe food and most of the time, I don't know what it's called, but when I say it's good, I mean it!

I like Ramen Noodles a lot. I have not tried Shinjuku Ramen yet and another restaurant that my friend told me about. I'm hoping that someday I'll chance upon those diners and lustfully enjoy the joyful feeling of eating Ramen Ramen Ramen!

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