Sungha Jung inspired my father to buy Ukulele?

I thought I heard a ukulele nearby. But it seems that I wasn't just imagining what I heard...

I saw this piece of paper on top of my desktop. There were some absurd guitar tabs and keywords pertaining to... yes, ukulele. So that's what the tabs were for!

It seems that my father, who recently got hooked up to the internet after I brought home my desktop, has been surfing youtube for Ukulele prodigies... And then the name of Sungja Jung popped from the bottom of this piece of paper so I immediately googled it.

After a few minutes of reviewing these videos... (I actually paused writing this blog after the last statement above to search for this kid)

This amazing kid, whom I realized to have started when he was just very little, is really deadly when it comes to finger style guitar play. I had a lot of stupid comments after knowing that my father actually bought a ukulele because he probably got inspired by this, but then after watching the super freaking show - I had not much to say.

I had discovered finger-style in playing guitars when I was in college. I didn't know that was the term for it. Never really gotten good at it. My first finger-style piece was a christian song. And then, lazy me, no more guitar after school life. But seeing such an amazing kid play finger-style like Tuck Andres is really giving me the goosebumps. I now also look up to his guitar inspiration who is Ulli Boegershausen (a very difficult name indeed).


*I just learned 2 days after that the ukulele was a gift from by brother

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