Where is he?

I was listening to the radio last night, FM station @99.5 RT and the segment was the Disenchanted Kingdom with Maui, Marf and King DJ Logan. They suddenly brought up a topic regarding the whereabouts of the Philippine President in this time of need.

The Philippines just got hit by Typhoon Gener in this season of storms and major calamities. But the big noticeable question remains... Where is the President?

It's been a concern that I had ever since that calamity in CDO happened where his whereabouts have also been questioned by the people who have suffered the catastrophic event.

I got paralyzed when they mentioned one of the reasons that was allegedly said by the President that he was just trying to avoid political publicity in these times of disaster. I think it was dumb to use that excuse on not to look out and reach out to your people in the time they need their leader the most. These people did not elect you to just sit by and watch them suffer while you sip coffee inside your palace. If you are not the type of guy who don't want his his hands and feet get dirty and face some danger outside of your comfort zone, at least get in front of the camera and make a national statement that would boost the morale of your people.

It gives me a fix notion that you're not just lazy, but useless. I don't know what you have accomplished so far. I probably don't care anymore. I'm not even interested in your SONA. I can't feel nor see any improvement in the system. It never hit me once, since you sat down your throne, that "hey! what the hell with all this great changes? who made it?" Sadly, none. If that happens, I may just have to change the way I think about you. Please make yourself be felt. You were elected by the people because of your parents' legacy, not because you're good. We all know that you are lazy and you haven't done anything really significant during your stay in the senate. I didn't even know you ever existed until your mother died. Please, at least, make the death of your parents count. And for the record, I never voted for you. But I placed my trust in you just as everyone did. I'm probably as lazy as you are. But you are a country leader of more than 90 million people. Please function as you are expected.

The DJ is probably right. If you feel like you are wasting away 6 years of your life to some job that you never really dreamed of having and is not really making you happy at all, I say waste it! There is no more going back. Instead of wasting the rest of your 6 years hiding inside your closet and whining like a little kid, just waste it by fulfilling your duty to the people. A lot of people are counting on you. I don't. But at least don't let the hope of the rest of the people die. God bless the Philippines.


  1. You are part of the problem. What have you done for our country lately?

    1. i never denied it. :) i admit that i'm also lazy and never did any better than him. thing that i did for the country? i voted for the very first time because i thought i would make a difference. the person i voted did not make it... the current one in position did. i encouraged my friends to just support whom ever the people have voted. i placed my trust in him just as the rest of the people did.

      i do not despise our president. just wanted to voice out my opinion through this blog. it just all seem overrated, IMO. i'm hoping that rants from a commoner like me would hit him somehow in the most positive way it can.

      *i just don't feel good about how he chases and focuses over one person but did not make corruption any less.

      i don't mean to offend any pro-noynoy. my parents are pro-noynoy. i thank you for your comment. 6 years is probably too short and never too easy for a country leader. i pray for the better. god bless us all