"BER" Months - The Christmas Countdown

The countdown to Christmas has officially started. During the "BER" months, or months literally ending in B-E-R, we start to hear Christmas carols. Different TV shows, radio stations, websites, and other forms of media then start their countdown to one of the most awaited event.

This marks the end of the third quarter of the year going to it's final quarter where the season gets colder and you start feeling the spirit of Christmas. Come to think of it, I'm also counting down to getting my Christmas bonus. Superb!

BER months seem to make up the whole Christmas season. When I was young, I knew that Christmas is on December. But it cannot be denied that starting September, you will already see Christmas lanterns, and Christmas carols can be heard all through out until January of the succeeding year. The church starts to decorate and their homilies are getting relative to this event. Families start to decorate their houses, too. This is the time when you will see Christmas trees, Christmas lights, mistletoe, and garlands on every living room you visit. Three more months and you start to see Santa Claus in various forms and uniforms together with his set of reindeer, riding on a flying sleigh, and planning to fit himself in your chimneys just to deliver the gifts you wished for as you have deposited in your red socks.

In the Philippines, all the popular "kakanins" or rice cakes are brought to the streets of every town and city during the series of December evening mass or "Simbang Gabi". But in most places, as early as the BER months, you can already lustfully enjoy these food trips. One of the most popular kakanins we have is the "puto bungbong". That and together with the regular puto't cuchinta, kalamay, suman, bibingka, espasol, sapin-sapin, and a whole lot of rice cakes that's probably found only in the Philippines.

And it's also the time to start listing down the names of your godsons and goddaughters (mga inaanak) because your most awaited Christmas bonus may probably just go directly to their wallets. Think of the next best thing you can give as gift to your loved ones and also start writing down your wishlist. But most of all, never forget that the spirit of Christmas is to love and to give, to forgive and to accept.

Happy BER months everyone. :)

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