Psy - Oppa Gangnam Style

Psy - Oppa Gangnam Style
(it's funny because it's annoying)

I was eating crackers alongside with pineapple juice when two of my friends twitted and posted about this on Facebook. And I was like, "man! this gangnam style stuff is trending".
Nope, I didn't know anything about it until my curiosity struck me and whispered behind my head to push that play button and see for myself. I was left with no choice. I played it.
I first saw this thumbnail in Youtube where its title was "Dougie VS Gangnam", and I thought that it's probably another psycho-craze in Youtube. I didn't mind about it last night until earlier this morning, my friend from Australia twitted about it. She stated that her friends kept on saying gangnam. And then finally she realized what it was.
I felt a little bit curious as this gangnam thing hit her somewhere but I've managed to flee from checking it out. Then suddenly, my very own friend, from our bond of brothers, posted this in our Facebook group and invited us to create a video of it. I know that the craziest ideas coming out from this circle never fails. So I checked it out.
Bam! I'll leave it to you... I dare you to push that "play" button and see for yourself what GANGNAM is!
Additional INFO:

According to the urban dictionary, Gangnam is supposed to be a highly thought of city in Seoul, South Korea where the trendsetters and fashion fancies are. It became a colloquial term that mainly emphasizes a trendy fashion or style, like "swag" and "yolo", and the freakin' "dougie" dance.

As usual, downtrenders or normally, haters gonna hate. Like I always say, "...because mainstream is too mainstream." But if you're gonna ask me, I'll hate dougie and swag more than this one. 

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