The Road to Happiness

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..Let me quote myself from a drinking session with my friends...

If you love what you love doing then stop complaining. If love is never enough, then what could be the missing puzzle piece? ...acceptance!

If you learn to accept yourself and others for what it is or for who they are, you will gain respect and you will start respecting them. You will begin to trust them no matter when, and no matter what. You will find yourself in-love with which or with whom you accept. If you share this same understanding, then a relationship is not impossible. And I believe this is what will truly make us happy.  All the other good things we expect should follow.

The first time I opened myself to the word "acceptance" is with this very own statement I used as my principle in life, "The first step to moving on is acceptance." But only just a couple of days ago did I realize that this should actually be the first step before anything else. I was so focused on how to cope up with broken things and broken relationships that I tried to find the right words to help me move forward after it. I didn't know that had it been the case first hand, then it shouldn't have come a long way just to end up wasted.

When you accept something in your life, it becomes a part of you. Time may change everything but the fact still remains that this is what you have accepted in the past. If it has gone too far out from what you have expected it to be and don't know anymore of what it had become, when you feel that things are no longer acceptable and everything is just so out of hand, then you can probably start entertaining the act of letting go.

Acceptance applies to a lot of things, probably everything that I know of, career, love, personal and non-personal matters. When you accept something, it means that you very well understand everything that comes along with it. You trust it in every situation. You will love loving it and will never feel complaining of any sort. Because you are happy and will be happy with it in any experiences you'd have with it. You sacrifice yourself. You become selfless and you can give everything you are. There will be times of troubles and sadness but at the end of the day, you will still go back to it and it will still come back to you and happiness is just all around the corner.

Love - I thought this was everything we would ever need. When I was told by someone that love was not enough and I asked what was lacking, neither of us was able to pull the answer. But now I understand. In order for us to be happy, we should be able to love. In order for us to love truly, we should be able to trust at any cost. Before we could trust, there comes respect and understanding. But in order for us to truly feel this, we first need to accept. Then we can all live freely with no worries nor regrets.

Like a relationship of a mother to its child, nothing feels more greater than the bond created by their acceptance, trust, deep understanding, and love for each other. That, my friends, is true happiness...